Sunday, October 28, 2007


Please remember to sign in at the desk. For those that are in swimming lessons there is an additional sign in sheet. Also, please remember to show up on time for the swim lessons. Make sure you go right to the swim instructors when it is your time. Thank you for your cooperation. If you do not know your swim time please email me.

If you are interested in swim lessons for your child, please fill out a survey and I will put him/her on a waiting list for the next session which starts on Jan. 20th. Swim lessons will entail a 7 consecutive week committment. Space is very limited.

We are looking at a December 22nd concert fundraiser to raise money to offer additional swim lessons and maybe sailing lessons in the summer. We are in need of suggestions, raffle prizes. volunteers and sponsors. Details will follow next week after I finalize them with Sayville Yacht club.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Wow what a turnout for our first swim. It was so nice seeing old friends and making new friends. I just want to thank everyone for their cooperation and patience. Especially, the volunteers, swim instructors, life guards, "Aunt" Barbara and the St. Joseph's staff. First days are always a little hectic. Please remember to sign in and out at the desk. We hope to have pictures to post soon. If anyone wants to share pictures please email them to me. I look forward to seeing you all at the next swim.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Registration forms will be available at the swim.

For all new families you will need to view a 4 minute video on safety before participating in the swim program.

We are a family swim program and children must be supervised in and out of the water at all times.

Parents, please follow the St. Joseph's rules and regulations and set a good example for our children.

Everyone must have a swimsuit on in the pool area. White t-shirts can be worn over the suits.

No food or drinks in the pool area

There will be mixed gender locker rooms available.

Our mission is to create a safe environment where families can swim and have fun in an accepted atmosphere. I look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our participants and sponsors and to welcome you back to another year of swimming, networking and fun. This year we will have swim lessons for limited amount of children generously sponsored by Autism Society of America: We hope to have a fundraiser in December so that we can offer more swim lessons and maybe even sailing lessons. Please check back for the date.

We are working very closely with St. Joseph's College staff to ensure a fun and safe swim program. Please let us know of any concerns and please respect all pool rules and regulations which follows.

We are asking that all families fill out a registration form along with the $10.00 onetime fee. Forms will be available at the swim. Cash or a check made out to Autism Family Fun Swim and Sail. All new members need to view a brief safety video before participating in the swim program.


WHO: For all children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other developmental disabilities and their families and friends.

WHERE: St. Joseph’s College in Patchogue
John A. Danzi Athletic Center
155 W. Roe Blvd
Patchogue, NY 11772
Phone# 631-447-3355

WHEN: Following Sundays from 12:00-2:00 p.m.

October 21 & 28, 2007
November 11 & 18, 2006
December 2 & 16, 2006
January 6 & 20, 2008
February 3 & 17, 2008
March 2, 16 & 18, 2
April 1, 13 & 27, 2008

COST: One time $10.00 registration fee per family. Please make checks out to Autism Family Fun Swim and send to: Rotary Club of Moriches, P. O. Box 661, Center Moriches, NY 11934

ATTIRE: Swimsuits required in pool area, towels and flip flops. Changing rooms and chairlifts available.

Volunteers are needed and welcomed. All donations large and small are accepted and appreciated.

Contact Info: Maria LeMaire
4 Quail Run
Shirley, NY 11967

Please visit the following websites of our past and present sponsors:

St. Joseph's College Pool Rules and Regulations For Autism Family Fun Swim and Sail

Upon entering the Danzi Center, all participants (parents, children and helpers) will sign in at the front desk. No exceptions!

Locker Room Use:
Participants will need to change in the Adult gender appropriate locker rooms before entering the pool area. Belongings must be left in lockers in the locker room. Please secure all belongings. St. Joseph’s College is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


The following rules will be strictly enforced!
Anyone who refuses to cooperate will not be allowed access to the pool.

1. Everyone must obey the directions of the lifeguard.
2. No street shoes on deck.
3. Children will not be allowed on pool deck unless the parent is next to the child.
4. If the restroom is needed during swim time, a parent must accompany the child.
5. No running or rough play on the deck or in the water.
6. Dive in designated area only! Diving is permitted in the deep end, lanes 1 & 2, marked off by the cones.
7. Swim instruction will take place in lanes 5 & 6. No one is allowed in this area unless they are participating in the swim lessons.
8. Everyone must shower before entering the pool.
9. Proper swimwear is required (i.e. no cutoffs, pants, etc.)
10. All spectators/parents must be wearing bathing suits.
11. No shoes allowed on deck.
12. Only white T-shirts may be worn over suits if not swimming.
13. Hair longer than shoulder length, bathing caps are required.
14. Hair shorter than shoulder length must be pulled back. No bobby pins.
15. All jewelry, hair decorations and bandages must be removed before entering the pool.
16. Persons with open sores and rashes are not allowed in the pool without physician’s consent.
17. All bags are to be left in the locker room.
18. No spitting in pool or on deck.
19. No gum, food or drink allowed in the pool area, except drinking water.
20. No glass or cans. Plastic bottles are allowed in the pool area.
21. The children will provide their own floatation devices as long as it is not an inflatable tube or bubble. Swim bubbles and life jackets are available for use.

I have read the above rules and I am aware of their importance.
Signed by: ________________________________________ Date: ___________________
(Parent or Guardian)
PRINT Child’s Name: __________________________________________________