Monday, July 30, 2007

Sail Pictures 2007

Thank you Justin and John's grandfather for taking these pictures. They are awesome!!! Weather looks good so we're sailing tonight.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Due to the weather we will NOT be having the swim and sail program tonight 7/23/07. Thank you all for your cooperation and will see you all next week.

Have an awesome week!

P.S. If anyone has some great pictures of our swim and sail please email them to me so that I can put it on our blogspot. That's if you want to share! Thanks.

Monday, July 16, 2007


Thank you all for a great start to our sail program. We had some wonderful volunteers from the Sayville Yacht Club. We were fortunate enough to have 3 boats and many of the parents and children were able to go on the boats several times. It was a beautiful night for sailing and everyone had a great time. We hope to have the same weather tonight!

Helpful hints:
* There is no charge for the program
* Register by coming down to the Sayville Yacht Club - Click on the link to get directions -
* 1st timers, please sign in. Others please check off the corrcet date.
* From time to time we will have news coverage, please sign or check off the release.
* We will provide life jackets
* Sneakers, boat shoes or water shoes TO GO ON THE BOAT- NO FLIP FLOPS
* Parents and siblings are welcome to go on the boat
* After signing in you can go right in to the pool area. When the boats are ready we will ask everyone to go down by the boats - short walk.

When you arrive at the Club please ask for Warren, Maria or Susan