Monday, July 16, 2007


Thank you all for a great start to our sail program. We had some wonderful volunteers from the Sayville Yacht Club. We were fortunate enough to have 3 boats and many of the parents and children were able to go on the boats several times. It was a beautiful night for sailing and everyone had a great time. We hope to have the same weather tonight!

Helpful hints:
* There is no charge for the program
* Register by coming down to the Sayville Yacht Club - Click on the link to get directions -
* 1st timers, please sign in. Others please check off the corrcet date.
* From time to time we will have news coverage, please sign or check off the release.
* We will provide life jackets
* Sneakers, boat shoes or water shoes TO GO ON THE BOAT- NO FLIP FLOPS
* Parents and siblings are welcome to go on the boat
* After signing in you can go right in to the pool area. When the boats are ready we will ask everyone to go down by the boats - short walk.

When you arrive at the Club please ask for Warren, Maria or Susan

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