Thursday, February 5, 2009


On February 8, 2009, during our swim program, Robert Cinnante, a representative from New York Life, will be offering FREE child ID kits. Below is a description of what it entails. This event is open to all. For specific questions, please e-mail or call Robert Cinnante directly ( or (631) 391-2997).

Basically, the way it works, is that we gather the child's information as per the parent or guardian who is with them. We photograph, digitially fingerprint as well as measure height and weight. Within a few moments after we input, the ID prints out and we then laminate and cut to size.

This is a complimentary service that NY Life promotes. Many other comapnies charge for the service as well as sends it to you in the mail several weeks later. Our is given to the parent/guardian within 10 minutes after inputting the information.

Hope that all of you can make it to the swim program this Sunday, and will take advantage of this unique opportunity to get a free Child ID kit!

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